Saturday, April 12, 2008

1930's Wine Bar

Yes, doesn't this look like it came right out of a monistary? I have this for sale at the Annex next door to the Antique Plaza in Mesa, Az. at Main St. and MacDonald, on Main Street. I am asking $550.00. I would have liked to keep it myself but really don't have a place for it. Also I don't drink but it would make a nice book shelf in the back. I just love the detail and wood. The Annex is just anouther part of the Antique Plaza so you can ask at the front desk, where the Annex is 2 doors to the west.


CeCe said...

This is beautiful, just beautiful--we love wine--we are also downsizing--shucks! Hope someone busy this that loves it.

mk4u said...

Hi, where do you have this for sale at? We are looking for something just like this for our formal area?

Thank you,