Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big Art Project...

Yes, can you believe this. At the end of my spring cleaning all my art supplies got dumped on top of old projects and this was the last room. The others were'nt quite like this. I love everthing in it's place but sometimes after I have a few days or weeks of being in an art trance. A few projects pile up and before I know it I am overwhelmed. Yes it is all about that creative trance that is very productive but does not even go to the pick up organized part of my brain. This has been my problem all my life. Solution #1 get an assistant/pick up person. Solution #2 Every evening put away extra stuff. I can't afford the first one so, I will try again at #2.
Can't even tell that there is a desk under all this, can you?

Big helper, Patty.

Little helper, Ruby.

Curious on looker, Charlie.

No help what so ever. Laddie. Not pictured is Pappy and Elliot.

End result with thanks to my sister for her help. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

These two tables expand out to double. I will try to keep them in for now, being magnetic and all.

Yes just imagine that this is how it always will look. Maybe if I look at this I can believe.


moderatrix said...

Yes, clutter is always a fun thing to dive into. The more you organize, it seems the larger the piles get and further out it spreads.

I have that right now in the backroom with photos piled to the ceiling.

So, is Bo, no longer with us?

Sweet Sage said...

WOW! I am in an Inspired Trance!
Organize .. Organize . . . :)
Thanks for sharing!

CeCe said...

Would you please send Patty to my house?

Arcadia Living said...

Patty is now permanently retired...having been taken out with the trash. Ha,ha! It was a fun day that I don't want to repeat for awhile!