Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cleaning Closet Break:

Okay I ran across these cleaning my closet. It is so fun looking at the past. Being my birthday yesterday I decided to show some of me nobody has seen for a while. This is the 70's where did those nice full lips go?
Mid 1980's. I used to get pretty tan. Hence my wrinkles now!

Late 80's. Dig those glasses. I cut out my boobs as the bathing suit made them look sad. Not the best shot of me but probubly the thinnest.

Since you have had a look at my husband #1 in previous post, I have to give husband #2 his day. What is that sweet girl doing with that tatooed long hair young guy? Both of my husbands were rock guitar players. And I put up with each of them for 15 years each. Lot of good times but I guess thats my limit. I don't have anouther 15 to give so I'm taking the rest for myself. I like it.


Arcadia Living said...

Are you sure you had a swim suit top on in that one picture? (Ha, ha)

happyfunlife said...

Happy birthday!!! Sorry it's a day later. I so recognize that 80's Aunt Sandy ;-) I love seeing all of your great pictures. Thanks for the nice comments.
Love ya, Amy

3rdEyeMuse said...

happy birthday! (a little late, but I just found out). :)