Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet the roommates/trouble makers...

You have met Ruby of course. I tried to get her to sit on this little rocker. But she does not like to sit her little butt on hard things like tile or cement and I guess wood. She wouldn't make it very far on America's greatest dog, would she?
And you have met Charlie, my russian blue manx. She actually looks pink here but she is the softest cat you will ever touch. She was born without a tail and she weighs only 6 lbs. Just like holding a little teddy bear.

Laddy was a stray that the kids in the neighborhood found. They would come by and check on the cat every few years. He got his name because we thought he was irish with those bright green eyes.

This shows his real girth. He weighs 20 lbs. Three times what Ruby does. But he is a big cry baby.

Now here is my favorite photo muse. Although he looks grumpy in most pictures. Elliot is a snow shoe. Half american shorthair and half siamese. They created the breed to get docile behavior and a siamese look. Elliot is a siamese temperment to the extreme. A one person cat . Moody and will bite others if he doesn't want to be petted. Just lightly but he can break skin so beware. He's a marsh mellow in my arms.

Looks pretty mean here.

Soft and glowing here. Well that is the indoor crew. My oldest and most social lives in the garage, with his yard as his play ground. Pappy will get his own posting later.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Such sweet pets! They're all so photogenic.

Sweet Sage said...

Beautiful Kitties!

Anonymous said...

Where is outdoor kittie aka Pappy?

cindy said...

What lovely sweet babies all!