Monday, June 16, 2008

Paint Project with Patty...

Yes we are trying a project found in Somerset Gallery. We are doing the first part at home. I took 4 different boards and canvases and gessoed them-2 layers then painted with bright bold colors for back grounds. The finished pieces will be a lot less colorful but the first coat will bleed through and show after the second layer.
Working with the purple one first I then cover with off white and while still wet stamped dots over all and wrote- etched on the side. After that dried I covered left side with pink over some stamping and dry brushed the pink color over the rest. Some purple is coming through and I uses gray for left side stamping so it would still show some.

Next I cut out enlarged black and white photo. And then added an image of flower with gel medium to glue on canvas. Work out bubbles and apply gel medium over images to set color ink. Now the fun begins. This will be painted with acrylic paints. This part Patty and I will be doing together. You can see where I am going. To be continued.

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