Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Book is Born...

My girlfriend Debbie has been encouraging me to do a few books with her. She is doing a large high school one. I found this orange box and decided to make one to fit in it with the bright colors of 1968 - 1972 colors to match.

This whole book is sewn together, making it very sturdy. Lots of pockets. I still have to put in images and words (the fun part) but here is the structure. The whole book measures 3 1/2 in. by 5 inches.
I had a lot of vintage materials to work with.

Last page is the ecology page.
Some of the pages are pretty busy but adding images and photos will calm it down. An afternoon of sewing was fun. And I even cleaned up the sewing room after as I am having company next week. Fun, thanks for looking in!


Paris Cowgirl said...

I bet you guys had a great time!

Judy said...

Beautiful job, Sandy!! What has Debbie been doing?? Where is she?? I haven't seen her in ages!