Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Give Away...

For this give away all you need to do is leave a comment stating 3 unknown facts about yourself. I have seen this as a tag but I think it would be great for my give away. This give away package will consist of 50 pieces of small items and trims. Each trim will be at least 1 ft. and there will be a few stamps but mostly odds and ends. Great for embellishing. Some old some new. I will pick a winner after wed. Good luck.


Her Vintage Stage said...

I'll start this off. I love Bob Dylan. I watch "The Young and the Restless". I started back the year my son was born and have been a fan ever since. While in Santa Barbara I actually met "Paul", my favorite, in an antique store. And thirdly I just celebrated being in recovery (clean and sober) for 21 years! Can you believe I was wild and crazy! Still pretty crazy but a little less wild. hehe Now your turn.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I love watching old tv shows--from the 50' and 60's; My favorite song is "Fools Rush In" by Elvis; Although my bed is made with comfy sheets & covers, I often sleep just rolled up in a quilt on top of the made bed.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Paris Cowgirl said...

O.K. here we go...Everyone knows I love Country music, but did you know that I love Jackson Browne. I even saw him and Tricia Yearwood in concert together!
I hate peanut butter cookies, but I love peanut butter.
I have had my fingers in the mouths of people like Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Ginger Rogers, William Devane, and yes Barry Manilow!

Sweet Sage said...

My parents did not give me a middle name, and this devastated me; I was the only one I ever knew without a middle name. So I gave one to myself .. HOPE. Kimberly Hope. :)

I hoard antique plates. I would probably spend my last nickel on a homeless thrift store plate before I would buy the food to put on it.

I was an honor student all through school. Except for one class. I failed high school art. Twice.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Here we go:
Joe Pesci had me removed from a bar at the MGM.
I stole my wife from a crazed German Physicist.
Kids at school would call me "Mike Mayonaise".

Judy said...

OK, here I go:

I can't pull the cotton out of the tops of new pill bottles. Gives me the creeps! I have to use something besides my fingers and I close my eyes while pulling it out.

I load the silverware in the dishwasher in order: spoons only in one basket, forks only in the next, etc. I hate sorting as I put the clean ones in the drawer.

I majored in Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics with a minor in art in college. Was just 3 units away from a double major in both.

Her Vintage Stage said...

I'm entering CeCe as we have tech problems with her leaving me a comment. Has any one ever had this problem, I don't know how I could have blocked her or if you even can. Any way here goes... CeCe wears some cool white glasses on occasion. She sews her own cloths sometimes. And she would like to take my class for painting! I guess this is not too unknown as I know but maybe you guys out there don't know. If any one knows what the problem with the comments is let me know how to fix.Thx. Sandy

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Okay here it goes....
I have 8 tattoos with over 30 hours of work. (Ouch, I know)

I am a native to Arizona, born and raised going on 23 years. (And I will always live in AZ because everywhere else is too cold)

My maiden last name gave me the initials of LAMB... yes my parents planned it, Lindsey Anne-Marie Borelli and Lamb was my favorite animal all through my childhood years!

There you have it!

M said...

It might be too late but what the hey!

I'm fluent in 3 languages-English, Spanish and Norwegian.

I can't bring myself to get tatooed but I have one pierced nipple.

I can touch my nose with my left toe! (But we don't try that often, lol)