Friday, September 19, 2008

Class Coming Tuesday...

The umbrella with the subject makes this very interesting to the eye. Remember these are from photos.

I love the orange in this. Photo is from a bride magazine. This is my helper, sister Patty. She will be my live action example. Above are two of her works.

Acrylic overlay paint class this Tuesday 4-8pm. If you have brushes bring some to use. I will have some to use. You will need small for lines and detail, half inch size (approx.) for fill in and 1 inch for background, this could be a sponge brush. I will have everything else, but if you like a certain color that you want to use, bring them. Just craft acrylic paint will do.

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eclectic archivist said...

Hey Sandy... thank you taking a look at my blog. Mike and I really worked hard on it. I will add a link from mine to yours. Love the "cat out of the bag book"
Hope to meet you soon