Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Half Century Birthday Patty!!!

She's never looked better!
Patty and my granddaughter in St.Petersburg, Florida a couple of years back.

She said not to put any bad pictures, all the old ones I had were big big hair or big big glasses or bad out of date cloths so the recent ones are it. I know you have a busy week so see you Friday! Have a wonderful birthday!


Arcadia Living said...

OK - those aren't too bad. You didn't have to put the half century remark in though! I had a fun bday.

Lindsey said...

She looks great! Hope I look that good when I get older.

And by the way... I am glad you like the hairspray!!!! Everything is better when you are having a good hair day!

Paris Cowgirl said...

O.K. We're almost the same age. Hmmmm I'm just a little older. Patty, you look wonderful, vibrant, happy! If someone put a picture of me on their blog and said "happy half a century old" I'd hurt them...badly!