Friday, October 3, 2008

Have you had your eggs this morning?

Here are some free eggs for you. I love this page! And below are a few more pics of my paper bag book. You don't have to be a total cat lover to love this book. It is filled with over 100 pieces of lace, pictures, ephemera and even an earring, that you get in the kit. I made sure I had enough for 10 of each so all will be what you see in the original book.
I am even doing the sewing of the special stitches ahead of time.
Class is going to be held at Mystic Paper on a tuesday and wednesday evening so every one will get 6 hours of class time. Class is November 18th and 19th. Cost is $59.00. Because of the amount of ephemera needed for each book, class is a limited size. This book would be great for any one that collects, gathers, trades or wants to store their misc. treasures. Hope to see you there!

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happyfunlife said...

Wow, I really like your cat bag :)
Sorry my blog has been neglected. If you could email me the pictures that would be great. Thanks.