Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recurring dreams?

This picture pretty much represents me. Red shoes, dog, cat, and bangs! I have a dream that has visited me all my life. It's always different but it always is about me trying to keep my animals safe in some bizarre event. Some times it feels like craziness or bland frustration, but at times it is a waker-upper. These are always times in my life when I either have a lot going on or my life needs slowing down, or when beyond my control, turmoil is amidst. I know now just to say OK, organize life or take care of me. Does any one else have similar recurring dreams? I do get tired of chasing animals and trying to keep them all together! My mom would say, have less animals. But in the dream I borrow pets, and all my pets from the past come to life in need of rounding up! Fortunately they don't happen often and I know what they mean, so they are just funny! Any way have a great Wed. and here is hoping all your loved ones are safe.

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