Sunday, December 21, 2008

1954 Card and Thoughts of a Childhood friend...

While looking through a Christmas box I found a few more cards. I really should put these in an album and as I run across them add them. I am pretty organized but always something more to improve on. This is from the year that I was born. It reminds me of my best girlfriend in elementary school. She was also a Sandy. Merry Christmas to you Sandy Knight in Michigan somewhere. Off I go to another project. Does any one out there have a friend from a long time ago that they remember but have lost touch with?


Chia said...

It's funny you should ask... Frequently I think of Candy VanOsdol (sp?) from Lincoln Nebraska (1967) and wonder what became of her. I was just thinking of her today. Candy was my best friend but we moved back to Connecticut less than a year after I'd met her. I hope life has been good to her.

inventivesoul said...

~*Happy Holidays Sandy!*~
I love the vintage card with the bells!
Wishing you Joy and a wonderful New Year!
Amber Dawn