Friday, December 19, 2008

My Christmas present...

My son, daughter in-law and grandchild came to visit last week. Santa is always on the list of things to do. Only one hour wait!We went to visit my mom up north. Almost saw snow. We were a week too early.

First thing right off the plane and off to Joe's Barbecue in Gilbert. Another family tradition.
Ruby loved sleeping with Alexis as we watched the tellie.(TV) I guess I was the only one watching.

Here they are back in Florida, glad to be back away from the Phx. traffic.

This is for my mom. Where's the pictures? Here they are.
Also I want to say Hi to my friend Susan. Hope you are feeling well, I have been thinking of you.


Willie From: said...
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eclectic archivist said...

aren't grandkids great!

Aunteeks said...

Sandy, your granddaughter is beautiful and she has gotten so big!

I know you had to enjoy every minute with her.