Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little 50's Jewel Box...

The image of a ballet couple on this box is adorable. I've had this box for a while to cover the insides with satin or velvet. Maybe this year.
The box itself is a cute shape. It then could hold a cute bauble or mini book? Maybe a cute gift for a special girl? It is now on my list. I am an idea girl, and I love the doing but so many choices!


Sweet Sage said...

So Sweet!
I have this same dancing couple in a vintage frame (a thrift store find) .. they ought to be a set!
Nice seeing you :) Forgive me .. I didn't even think to help you with that beautiful tree .. duh!
Take Care ~

Sandy said...

It was good seeing you too. Don't worry the tree was very light. I told my sister I almost called you Sweet Sage! Too funny.

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