Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tagged Twice!

Things I'm addicted to. I got tagged twice so I'm listing 7.Small Treasures.

Lipsticks, can't through old ones out, and always looking for that right shade. I'm working on this addiction. So far this year, none bought.

Chocolate milk. I have to make my own with dutched cooking cocoa and Splenda. I have no problem getting my daily milk.

Old Photos.

Ephemera of all sorts.

This is my reward for getting out of the house. I don't know why these are so great, has to be the tap fizz.

Books, I read fiction but I collect the picture and old books. Love them all. What's better than a book? A good book store!
I now tag:
Patty-Arcadia Living
Kim-Paris Cowgirl
Flea Market Queen
Jack and Cat Curio
Kim-Sweet Sage


eclectic archivist said...

I agree with you on the old photos, ephemera and the fizz!

Anonymous said...

I have a lipstick addiction too!! I FINALLY found one that I love....and they discontinued it. Now I try mixing others to try and find a match....


Sweet Sage said...

quite Yummy addictions, i'd say!

i'll be thinking . . . . :)

CeCe said...

Hi Sandy- Am thrilled I am able to post on your site again. Smile. If I did the chocolate milk I would be adding ice cream to it for milkshakes!