Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog Art Pieces...

I collect dog art. Among other dog artifacts and treasures. I have most of the collection in my guest room. This piece says "Sweet Co Co" on the back 1971. I thought it was really cute and funny. Probably just like the subject. Acrylic on canvas.
This little piece of wood 5x7 was painted by some unknown artist that probably loved this dog. I found it for .99 at a local thrift. I just can't pass by abandoned art of a loved one long ago. I have found some interesting pieces of needle point, paintings on wood, paint by #'s, acrylics and oils. Even old photo's. I pick only the interesting ones to me. It is such fun running across a treasure, I rarely pay over $4.00. I have been called the keeper of the dogs. So sad I can only have one real one. Ruby you're a lucky dog.

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