Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love Books...

This is the inside cover of a daily date book-journal I've been working on.
These two books are beautiful, Wuthering Heights, and Return of the Native. It would be hard to alter these two.
This is the picture I wanted to be first. The journal at left is the subject I am picturing below. I started this the first of the year and have been adding pictures and sayings, quotes, etc. Some day I'll give this to my grand daughter.
The book already had some nature pictures and art in it. I have just added what I like, mostly with a Victorian feel.
I really liked doing this, and already have one picked out for next year that will contain winged things and nature themes.

I'm trying to include special dates of our family and the history of 2008. I would have loved one from my grand mother in 1908! The writing part is still hard for me to do but the pictures easy. I need practice journaling. I thought I would share this little project with you. Have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

It looks beautiful. I like the idea of using a day planner for an art journal.

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Sandy, that is the most awesome book ever! What a wonderful thing to do for your grandaughter. I have 2 (g-daughters). Might have to borrow your idea.

Lindsey said...

Everything looks beautiful! I have to say that you have a big influence in my art, ever since I took your class last year I MUST sew on everypage/project and try to collect as must epherma as possible! Thank you for always sharing

cindy said...

This is just wonderful! I have one, you have inspired me to play with mine as well.


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Fabulous! I totally agree about the journaling though. Just can't get it out on paper!