Saturday, March 28, 2009

Remember My Paris Apartment (w/pets).

I have been working on adding the pets and trims. Here are a few pages with the crew. This big lovable boy is Pappy. Short for Pappion my social butterfly. He is the only one allowed out of the yard to visit the neighbors (most knowing Pappy's name before mine.) He is the oldest at 17.

This is Charlie (female). She is 16 years old and a Manx (no tail). She has an extreme flight and fright reflexes. If there is a loud noise, she is under the bed. Charlie loves attention.

This little baby (Mia), lives in heaven, which by the way is Paris! If you hold your fingers 4 inches apart, that is how long her head was in this picture. She was the most loving creature in my life. She was an Italian Greyhound. Beautiful dogs.

Pajama party!

More to come later. Have a good weekend.


Claudia said...

Interesting! I love the cat on the green chaise, it needed him!

CeCe said...

So just enjoyed seeing your creations. I love the way you are honoring these important creatures in your life!