Monday, April 20, 2009

Lovely Is The Rose Project...

It started with a rose on a card. I then found one of those empty boxes that looks like a book.
Front of box.

I then found an old picture album that fit right in and was already cool looking in white with some gold etching.

Box opened showing inside of lid. I painted and stamped and added collage work.

I have used this image on a cover of another book but love it and she is smelling a rose.

Small detail.

Some pages. A beginning!

There have been some beautiful papers with roses. All were in my stash of romantic papers.

Inside of album cover so far.

Book rests inside box so great!

Front of album, so far.

Not a bad start. More pages to be seen later.


cindy said...

*sigh*...It is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

yap cat

Lindsey said...

It is so beautiful Sandy! What a lovely project!

Jennifer and Kim said...

Wow Sandy, that is simply beautiful!

Sweet Sage said...

so sooooo beautiful!
love your creativity!

CeCe said...

Looks very romantic!

Hanna said...

Wow, this is os beautiful... :)

eclectic archivist said...

Very clever!

lorhen82 said...