Saturday, May 2, 2009

More,More,More,Lovely Is The Rose Book Plus...

Being on crutches has allowed me some time to play and create. Here are some finished pages (if there is such a thing) of my Rose Book.
Book inside it's box with laces added.


Inside of cover.

R is for rose.

I love pockets!

Added a little Marie Antoinette pictures, they go beautiful with the roses.

I love this paper that I got at Mystic. It is sewn through 2 sheets. An instant page with 2 sides. Lace on right has silver threads.

More Marie style pictures.

Old pin says " Trust in the lord." I decoupaged rose on a green tile.

I love this page.

Why do the margins of long blogs get further apart? Does any one know? This bugs me, If you have any insight let me know.


Le_Vintage said...

wow, that is so beautiful and inspirational i can't wait to get crafting now! i just love every page, but R is for Rose page =]

i just kept scrolling down and seeing the spaces an spaces between pictures get bigger it was cracking me up but i have no idea why it does that!


CeCe said...

Somehow, someway I missed you being on crutches. If this book is what happens to one when on crutches---well, I won't say it, as I really do not want to be on those crutches----BUT sure would love to create something as lovely as your rose book. I, too, love pockets and your lace ones are ever so sweet.

cindy said...

Just gorgeous! Love the lace pockets!


Paris Cowgirl said...

Crutches? what crutches?

Judy said...

Ditto to Kim and Cece's comments!

Crutches? What's up, girlfriend??

Sandy said...

My knee has gotten worse and finally had to take the weight off it to see if it would get better. I got a shot of cortisone and now am improving slowly. Boy do my armpits hurt though!

PJ's talking... said...

I haven't a clue why it does that.... I want to know how to make 3 columns on blogspot... I love yours... I like your blog, your art....PJ